720×1280 mobile wallpapers for phones

Free 720×1280 mobile phone wallpapers for your cell phone are called half hd backgrounds or sometimes just hd.

Ive put up a few wallpapers for your mobile here that are all 720×1280 in size but can be used on a lot of phones with different sized screens as well ad the 720×1280 devices. Sometimes they may look a bit out of shape but that depends on the screen size you are using it on.

I love the hot air balloon one myself as there’s a great blues sky and it contrasts perfectly with the colors of the balloons in the air. Secondly my next best wallpaper for mobile is the neon shards one as ive always been a sucker for neon colors and especially nice patterns.

Download these strait to your phone and set them up as your new wallpapers and check out what else we have while your here. We are always open to suggestions so let us know what you think of  these backgrounds.

Wallpapers for mobile 720×1280 here


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