HD Futurama Desktop Wallpapers

leela futurama hd desktop wallpaper 1920x1080hd amy leela futurama wallpaper for desktop1920x1080 leela amy futurama hd desktop wallpaperfry bender futurama hd desktop wallpaper 1920x1080futurama zoidberg hd need a doctor desktop wallpaper
professor farnsworth futurama wallpaper for desktop hd
Futuramas always been one of my favorite shows and one of the best animated series in my opinion, well its made by the man who made the simpsons isn’t it.

So i come across some futurama images on my desktop and thought it add a few more and put them up here as hd futurama wallpapers for desktop n 1920×1080.

One of my favorite episodes is when it stars off with professor farnsworth saying good news everyone im a horses butt. The kids were using a voice manipulator and making it sound like it was farnsworth but it was still funny. Another is when he starts off with bad news everyone.Of course they are just intros.

I tend to like a lot of animated shows and films as well such as monsters inc, madagascar and toy story. Of course they are all pixar but still animated and funny movies.

Its sad that no new futurama eps have been made for quite a long time now and i really with they would bring back the franchise. Maybe they will because they did make that mobile game as much as its not my cup of tea. I guess they didn’t make it into the sort of mobile game i would enjoy and made it more of a puzzle game instead. However maybe if it gets enough of a following and maybe even future games as well, it may be enough for the creators to get back to producing more futurama who knows.

Fry leela, bender, zoidberg, professorĀ  farnworth, they are all here.





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