Stargate SG1 Animated Gifs Iris Gate Dial

I love stargate i mean i absolutely worship stargate sg1 and atlantis. I also love universe as well but its third on my stargate list. Im actually waiting sg1 right now and im up to season 3. After putting up this post il be heading to0 bed and watcho9ng season 3 which im about half way through.

Once im finished watching stargate sg1 il move onto atlantis and then the movies. Then il get annoyed that theres no more universe and hope that they stop producing the stargate reboot before they ruin the whole thing. They are going to fail on these movie reboots trust me. You cant go and recreate the movie and shouldn’t without the cast.

Ive got some stargate sg1 animated gifs of the gate dialing and the iris plus a few more bits and pieces.

So i thought id put these up today instead of the usual wallpapers i post so i hope you enjoy them. If i get enough of a response from these then il put up some wallpapers of the show as well.



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