Hd wallpapers 1920×1080 the legend of zelda skyward sword and link between worlds

I love playing the zelda series over the years but do dislike the way they have made link all cartoony with a big head and strayed away from more realistic graphics on “some” of the zelda titles over the years. Anyway heres a quick post with some zelda wallpapers in a crispy 1920×1080 hd from wind waker, the legend of zelda and a link between worlds. Hope you guys enjoy them as much as i do reliving old link memories.

Scooby doo and shaggy desktop wallpapers for hd

Scooby dooby doo where are you? Hes hiding from the monsters or rather people dressed up as monsters trying to do yet another scam or two. Get these scooby doo and shaggy wallpapers in hd for your desktop screens if you love him as much as i do.

New super mario bros, 3d world and paper mario hd wallpapers for desktop

Heres some of the latest super mario bros, paper mario and 3d land wallpapers im putting up for you guys who like mario. These resolutions are all over the place so im sorry about that and its a quick post so i cant be bothered adding them into a gallery or more stylish format

edit: everything looks better in a gallery

Stuiped black ops 2 and their emp grenades

sentry gun black ops-2 pngTheres nothing like earning a great kill streak on black ops 2 and then having some tool who cant play the game throw a emp grenade and destroy your sentry gun. I think emp grenades should have to be earned through kills, defends and captures just as any kill streak does. Starting off each time you re spawn or scavenger with something that powerful is a load of crap and is one of the many things that should be changed about b02.

No wonder all the skilled players left black ops ii for other games, even the snipers quick and no scopes cause problems within the gamer community.

emp grenade black ops 2 png

Bloody nintendo ds lite and its non standard tri screwdriver

nintendo ds lite disassembly screw tri jpgStupid nintendo ds lite screws arent a standard shape, they are a 3 point screwdriver so now have to wait for my ebay screwdriver to come. thanks nintendo no idea whats wrong with the buttons but guess il have to wait. either way im not paying you to fix it, il do it myself

nintendo ds lite disassembly 22 300x225 jpgBut on the inside is a standard screw????

Its meant to be the same as the wii too

triwing triangle screw driver tool for wii nintendo ds lite jpgAnyway il have a 3ds soon

Crazy bushfires going on in alot of nsw australia

Imageits been a few days since some of the craziest bush fires ive seen in a long time have started. they are mainly in the blue mountains but many large fires have a very high chance of burning into one massive monster of a bush fire. Tomorrow is meant to be a extremely hot day and with the winds its going to be hell for the fire conditions.

Image credit smh.com.au



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