Aladdin 2019 movie mobile wallpapers

Aladdin is back rubbing lamps and wishing upon genies in the 2019 remake of the classic movie in non cartoon form.

Its a movie im glad to have seen been rebooted and this has become a trend almost of late. People just like old familiar things whether its films, tv shows or even toys.

One of my favorite movies when i was younger was the returm of jafar which my aunty bought me as a child. This was on video cassette of course.

2019 aladdin lamp mobile phone wallpaper

Have a look at this aladdin mobile wallpaper with the lamp all shiny and gold.


Tom and jerry funny animated gif

When it comes to tom and jerrys’s animated antics it can only be described as complete chaos and thats why we like it.

Its a timeless cartoon of a typical cat and mouse situation taken to silly levels of payback. Throw in a few other charaters and you have a recipe for a cartoon comedy masterpiece.

So heres a lovely funny tom and jerry animated gif of tom falling off the bed as jerry tries to cuddle up to him. Hes not impressed and our rodent friend has no idea whats going on.

funny animated gif of tom and jerry

Im really hoping tom the cat and jerry the mouse come visit us on netflix or amazon prime as a wide range of movies/shows

Colored smoke mobile phone wallpaper

Colored smoke is one of the most beautiful things to have as a mobile phone wallpaper because it looks great and is fairly simple.

Theres tons of varieties with crazy color combinations of smoke and even some neon ones out there. I always end up coming back to the simplicity of the good old abstract images.

They look like some sort of crazy signal fire out in the distance. So if you cant stand the smoke then stay out of the kitchen..wait

Mobile wallpaper of colored pink purple blue smoke

Marvel mobile phone wallpaper art

A nice piece of art with colored squares with one marvel character per section that makes a decent marvel mobile phone wallpaper.

Its with great sadness that i post this with the parsing of the legend creater of the marvel charaters stan lee.

Heres hoping the marvel universe keeps evolving on the level of quality that he bought before his passing. The legacy left behind is one of emense worlds of unique abilities indeed which provides a wealth of entertainment.

So i leave you with this. How many licks does it take to get to the centre of the marvel universe?

marvel characters wallpaper for mobile phone


Spongebob squarepants animated gifs

Spongebob animated gifs dont get funnier than these 5 with the usual sea sponge antics.

I dont know whats going on in that first pic and i dont think ive seen that one. He seems to be licking the air trying to sense what he’s trying to catch in that net. Chocolate is another thing he loves to lick here other than just the air. You will find that tongue in a lot of eppisodes.

His spongeisms are known far and wide and you would be pretty hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t know that square pants wearing sea sponge.


Amazing mobile wallpapers

Amazing wallpapers for mobile with we bare bears, purple planet, colored blue and pink smoke and snoopy. Snoopy is being adorable as ever underwater and skateboarding away. The purple planet looks almost made of marble so space it is as i love the universe. We bare bears is another great show from recent times with three bears that seem to always have something going on. That pink smoke looks like if heaven, smoke, marshmellow and candy floss had a baby.

Another classic post by the dude that brings you fun and interesting wallpapers of random shiite he comes across on his journeys of random explorations of the interwebs.

Free Online Paid Surveys Companies Review (no scams)

Today we are going to review some free online paid surveys companies that are not scams but are legitimate market research websites looking for people insights and opinions.

While its true there have been a very small amount of websites that haven’t paid up or that have gone bust and not paid what they owe, there are plenty of proven winners out there to earn money online in your free time.

vindale research free paid online surveys

First there’s vindale research that has been around for many many years and has paid out tones of paypal cash to its loyal members who will tell you they are a great website that’s legit. Plus for each friend you refer that completes a survey, you get $5.

vindale research surveys legit proof of earnings paypal

They have little offers and surveys that can be taken several times daily to maximize your earning potential when working from home. There’s also studies that allow you to review products and tell them what you think. You usually get to keep what you review as well so that’s a big plus.

surveysavvy online paid surveys free

Next there’s surveysavvy that’s  also a pretty good online paid surveys company that has been in business for many years and ive made a fair bit off of it myself that’s why im recommending it in my top 3 list.

You also earn a small percent of your referrals referrals earnings too.

surveysavvy free cash paid surveys online

Again you can make quite a bit off of survey savvy with referrals by posting your referral link to facebook, twitter etc.

cashcrate legit online free paid surveys

Then there’s good old cashcrate that as well as surveys has plenty of free offers and a friends referral system that actually very good indeed. In addition to earning a percentage of your referrals earnings, you get $3 once they reach their first $10.

cashcrate earn money online free paid surveys

So that’s a pretty quick but informative paid surveys online review of some of the best companies out there for you to make money and paypal from.