Stuiped black ops 2 and their emp grenades

sentry gun black ops-2 pngTheres nothing like earning a great kill streak on black ops 2 and then having some tool who cant play the game throw a emp grenade and destroy your sentry gun. I think emp grenades should have to be earned through kills, defends and captures just as any kill streak does. Starting off each time you re spawn or scavenger with something that powerful is a load of crap and is one of the many things that should be changed about b02.

No wonder all the skilled players left black ops ii for other games, even the snipers quick and no scopes cause problems within the gamer community.

emp grenade black ops 2 png

Bloody nintendo ds lite and its non standard tri screwdriver

nintendo ds lite disassembly screw tri jpgStupid nintendo ds lite screws arent a standard shape, they are a 3 point screwdriver so now have to wait for my ebay screwdriver to come. thanks nintendo no idea whats wrong with the buttons but guess il have to wait. either way im not paying you to fix it, il do it myself

nintendo ds lite disassembly 22 300x225 jpgBut on the inside is a standard screw????

Its meant to be the same as the wii too

triwing triangle screw driver tool for wii nintendo ds lite jpgAnyway il have a 3ds soon

Crazy bushfires going on in alot of nsw australia

Imageits been a few days since some of the craziest bush fires ive seen in a long time have started. they are mainly in the blue mountains but many large fires have a very high chance of burning into one massive monster of a bush fire. Tomorrow is meant to be a extremely hot day and with the winds its going to be hell for the fire conditions.

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Free Dowloads And Wallpapers For Mobile Phone

Download Free Mobile Phone Wallpapers And Backgrounds


 More mobile wallpapers can be found here There are alot more and in many phone screen sizes like iphone and samsung omnia hd for exapmple



Here I have placed some of my personal favourite free phone wallpapers you can have on your mobile phone for free. I love the weird free phone wallpapers thyats are unique and fun but not silly at all. Ive been customising my mobile phone with free stuff like wallpapers and themes for several years and will keep doing so forever. I love to review mobile phones aswell, thatsa fun past time considering the amount of money you invest in them phones. Theres so much choice and variety out there and offcourse they are very expensive.

Free mobile phone wallpapers come in all different sizes for different phones. If a free mobile wallpaper doesnt fit on your phone properly then see if theres an option to strech or make the image full screen.

It wont be long now before i add some more free cell phone wallpapers on here so stay tuned folks. We are open to suggestions for what types of free cell phone wallpaper you would like to cee on our website. Any suggestions?

240x320 sunset lake free mobile wallpaperonixblack mobile wallpapernokia n series mobile background nokia animated 
nokia n series mobile background nike 240x320nokia n series mobile background italyFree cell phone wallpaper pattern
mario sunshine water jetpack phone wallpaper 240x320golden gate bridge cell phone wallpaper 240x320american flag free mobile phone wallpaper
dolphins free mobile phone wallpaper 240x320colourful rainbow butterflies mobile wallpaper 240x320240x320 blue swirls mobile wallpaper
burj arab phone wallpaperbamboo free mobile wallpaper 240x320white and yellow car for nokia mobile wallpaper
Real player mobile wallpaper 240x320Simpsons free-mobile phone wallpapers 240x320windows vista mobile wallpaper 240x320
Sony ericsson logo free cell phone wallpaperSony ericsson walkman subwoofer mobile wallpaper free 240x320Rainbow mobile wallpapers 240x320
prison break mobile phone wallpaper 240x320Pepsi mobile phone wallpapers 240x320Mythbusters free mobile phone wallpapers 240x320
Love drop mobile wallpaper 240x320hot babe cell phone wallpaper 240x320 mobilefunny Flashing bannana free mobile wallpaper 240x320
colourful rainbow butterflies mobile wallpaper 240x320funny wife free cell phone wallpaper 240x320Free Funny mobile phone wallpapers nokia
240x320 pink purple butterfly mobile wallpaper240x320 kitten free mobile wallpapernokia n bseries mobile background nokia animated wallpaper

I was thinking of actually creating some sims free phone wallpapers to put on here and as I think about it, it seems like a good fun idea for some free phone wallpapers.The sims is such a great computer game and I just brought the sims 2 appartment life which is great. However, I once played the sims castaway for my mobile phone and have to say it is incredible poorly made and lacks so much of the original sims gameplay.

Sims 2

Free Phone Wallpapers Of Garfield

Garfield is one of my old favourite cartoon characters so I am definetly going to create a lot of Garfield phone wallpapers to add for everyone as there is not a lot of them out there that actually capture garfields essence. The Garfield movie has its charm but thats what most of the Garfield mobile wallpapers cosist of. It’s the same story with those free Garfield themes out there that you can download, they are all of the Garfield movie and not the Garfield cartoon images.


garfield picture


 Free mobile phone wallpapers and backgrounds that will be added over the next week. Animated mobile wallpapers, cartoon cell phone wallpapers, simpsons, celebrity, sport basketball soccer jessica alba plants nokia samsung lg sony ericsson phillips motorola animals food lol family guy monsters inc etc. Yes we are adding heaps over the next week of mobile wallpaper updates.

Free phone wallpapers nokiaFree cell phone wallpapers

 basketball player free mobile phone wallpapersony ericsson mobile background water splashrainbow pattern free mobile wallpaper 240x320

These free mobile phone wallpaper arnt very topic specific so if youd like to see a page full of a particular topic of mobile wallpapers then drop me a line.

Weird iphone wallpapersHappy mushroom iphone wallpaperNeon glow abstract iphone wallpapersGrey black apple iphone logo wallpapersMulticolour iphone wallpaper stripes3d abstract splash water iphone wallpaperFunky iphone wallpapersEarth lightbulb iphone wallpaperFree abstract iphone wallpapers blue

Desktop wallpapers